Rules & Policies
(updated August 25, 2022)

Seasonal Athlete Registration Fee

● A fee of $10.00 per athlete is due to GA Men’s USA Gymnastics for every competing athlete in Georgia. The deadline for this annual fee is October 31 each year. An additional late fee of $5 per athlete will be applied for fees submitted after the posted deadline. Not paying head tax may jeopardize participation in the State Championships.

● All payments will be made to Georgia Men’s USA Gymnastics through the appropriate methods described on the official form.

Competition Calendar

● A competition held in the State of Georgia must be submitted to the State Board to be added to the state calendar. All USAG and GA USAG rules & policies apply to any competition held in the state regardless if it is placed on the calendar or not.

● Competitions must be submitted by the last Friday in May to be added to the upcoming season calendar.

● All competitions must follow USA GYMNASTICS RULES & POLICIES.

Competition Head Tax

● Each meet hosted in the State of Georgia is subject to a $2.00 per Level 3-10 gymnast for an invitational and $4.00 respectively for State Meet.

● Payment must be sent to the State Chairman no later than 72 hours after the end of the meet. Not paying head tax may jeopardize participation in the State Championships and it may preclude the competition from being listed on the State calendar in subsequent years.

● All payments must be made payable to Georgia Men’s USA Gymnastics and mailed to: Georgia Men’s Gymnastics c/o David Pomerantz, 2620 Springbluff Court, Buford, Georgia 30519. Payments may also be made through PayPal, Venmo or CashApp.

State Championships

● Competition Host Responsibilities

○ The State Committee grants the right to the host organization to host the State Championships. All aspects of the competition must meet Committee approval and follow the listed guidelines herein.

Competition Location

○ Bids must be submitted to the State Committee by the published date. ○ The Committee will only accept bids utilizing outside facilities.

○ The Committee will award the State Championships to an organization whose bid provides the highest quality competition for the athletes and who has experience hosting a men’s gymnastics competition.
○ Once the bid is awarded, the host organization is responsible for all functions of the competitions.

○ The State Committee reserves the right to provide input and guidance.

● Qualification

○ All registered Georgia athletes are eligible to attend the State Championships. There is no qualifying score.

● Entry/Qualification Deadline

○ The 2023 State Championships will be held the weekend of March 3-5, 2023.

○ Athletes must be entered (using the USA Gymnastics Online Registration Platform) and paid for the State Championships three weeks prior to the competition. The 2023 deadline is tentatively Friday, February 3.

○ An athlete is only considered entered in the meet after his name is registered with the Meet Director and valid payment is received.

● Entry Fees

○ $110 per athlete (JN)
○ $135 per athlete (JE)
○ $100 per Team level (All Teams)
○ A $100 late fee will be assessed per club for entries after the published date.

● Age Divisions

○ Levels in the Club and National tracks will be divided equally based upon the total number of athletes registered. Any age division will not have more than 20 total athletes.

○ Elite track athletes will follow the USA Gymnastics designated age groups.

○ An athlete’s age for the 2022-2023 season is based upon their age as of December 31, 2023.

● Awards

○ Individual and Team awards should be distributed to a minimum of 30% of the athletes participating in each age division.

○ Individual medals must be purchased from A-1 Awards at 1-800-444-9569. ○ Team awards must be approved by the State Committee

● Spectator Admission Fees

○ Adult (13-65) – $10
○ Children (5-12) and Seniors (over 65) – $5
○ Military – $5
○ Children (under 5) – FREE
***For Team Finals, Spectator Admission fees are:

●  Adult (13-65) – $5

●  All others – FREE

● Competition Schedule

○ Capital Cup format must be used.
○ Created by the host organization and approved by the State Committee.
○ All Levels 3-10 including the Technical Sequence and Level 4 & 5 Team Finals must be included in the schedule.

● Level 4 & 5 Team Finals

○ The top six Level 4 and 5 teams will compete in Team Finals. It is recommended to be held as the final session on Sunday.

○ The host organization is responsible for all expenses pertaining to Team Finals.

○ A team not present at the Team Finals meeting will forfeit their team’s place in Team Finals and the next team listed on the results will be awarded the spot.

○ Teams can compete up to 5 athletes on a given event with the top 3 scores counting towards the team score.

● Qualifying to Regionals

○ The number of athletes registered to the State Championships will be used to determine the number of athletes eligible to qualify for the Region 8 Championships.

○ Athletes entered by the State championship deadline are eligible to attend Regionals if they qualify and only at the same level and division (if applicable) that they are registered for the State Championships.

○ Athletes not entered by the deadline for the State championships are not eligible to attend Regionals.

● Special Circumstances

○ An athlete is eligible to compete out of level/session only by State Board approval due to extreme circumstances (i.e. religious beliefs, etc.). The athlete will receive an All Around award and then his scores will be added into the correct session he should have competed in to tabulate whether he would have received other awards as well. His scores will NOT be counted towards the team score. If he is a compulsory gymnast, he is not eligible to qualify for Regionals.

State Awards

● Academic Awards for athletes will be presented at the State Championships. The deadline to submit the application is January 31.

● Senior recognition for all graduating seniors will take place at the conclusion of the Level 10 session of the State Championships. A digital form must be completed by the athlete/parent for the presentation.

● Nominations for the following State awards are also due by January 31. Nominations will be accepted by any Men’s USA Gymnastics Professional Member in good standing.

● Voting will take place online (one vote per club) with a deadline of February 17.

● Categories:

○ Athlete of the Year

○ Compulsory Coach of the Year

○ Optional Coach of the Year