The Georgia Elite Team has been developed using the USA Gymnastics National Team, Future Stars, and Regional Elite Team as a guide.  This program exists for the specific purpose of enhancing coaches education and athlete development in the State of Georgia.

We are taking the top Georgia gymnasts and inviting them to two special training camps to further develop the level of gymnastics in Georgia and increase our overall education. We are inviting 66 athletes to our State Elite Team Camps. These invitations were based upon the top all around results from the 2022 State Championships for boys in the following ages:

Level 3 - Top 10 8-10 year olds
Level 4 - Top 10 9-11 year olds
Level 5 - Top 10 10-12 year olds
Level 6 - Top 5 11-13 year olds
Level 7 - Top 5 12-14 year olds
Level 8 - Top 8 12-14 year olds
Level 9 - Top 10
Level 10 - Top 10

The following members have been selected to represent the GA Elite Team at a competition this year.

Level 4

Joshua A PSGA
William H PSGA
Mathew V Amplitude
Tucker P Amplitude
Felipe F Roswell

Coaches: Yuri Kouznetsov & Elena Malone


Level 5

Cayler C PSGA
Michael P PSGA
Collin W PSGA
Gavin H Cartersville
Penn Y Cartersville

Coaches: Elena Malone & Dav Pierre

Level 6

Alex G GAA
Preston C GAA
Colton J Roswell
Devin M Roswell
Shai F Roswell

Coaches: Leandro Heredia & Dav Pierre


Current GA Elite Team

Past GA Elite Teams