Grow your boy's program and
earn more $$$ for your club

In soccer, a young boy can join a league, pay his fee, get his cleats, and be on a team. He gets to practice and play in the game each weekend. He doesn’t take classes to learn how to kick, he learns to kick while he plays the game! Unfortunately, traditional gymnastics does not offer this same experience. Instead, a young boy starts taking a one‐day per week class. If he is lucky and he if he sticks around, in a year or two he might be selected to join the pre‐team. Then, in another year, he might get the opportunity to “PLAY THE GAME” and join the competitive team. How many boys and how much revenue is lost in boys that are not the “lucky ones” who make it that far? And what about the boys lost because joining the team is too expensive and the commitment is too much?

There is a solution...

This program is not like the girls Xcel Program. It is strictly for an introduction to the sport of boy’s competitive gymnastics with these advantages:

1. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED ‐ a child can compete with no experience as long as he is at least 6 years old.

2. LOW COST ‐ 4 competitions for the season only cost $203 ($140 for entry fees and $63 for the USA Gymnastics
Athlete Membership). Additional expenses includes uniforms and coaches expenses that each club must calculate.

3. LOW COMMITMENT ‐ The season has 4 competitions within 8 weeks of each other from January‐March 2021.

4. GET TO “PLAY THE GAME” RIGHT AWAY ‐ the child doesn’t have to spend years training to be eligible to compete.

How does this benefit your program and your club....

MORE BOYS EQUALS MORE REVENUE ‐ Retaining boys in gymnastics is a huge challenge. When boys “play the game”, they are more likely to continue and stay in the sport. Even if they play other sports, he is likely to return due to the competitions. Some of these boys might even choose to join your Boy’s team which will provide consistent revenue for the club for years to come.

LOW INVESTMENT ‐ A club that doesn’t already have a boy’s program can use all the women’s apparatus and would only need to purchase a ceiling hung set of rings and a toadstool mushroom. Both of these apparatus are only a few hundred dollars each and that small investment can generate thousands in return.

NO NEW COACHES NEEDED ‐ Most clubs already have boys recreaonal classes with coaches so you already have the means to make this happen. Think how your recreational coach will be more committed once he/she becomes a “team coach”. Even your current female coaches can coach Xcel.

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This program has helped my boys program grow and I was able to retain 100% of my 8 Xcel boys from last year who are now on my competitive team. Guaranteed revenue for the entire 2020-2021 competitive season.

            ~ David Pomerantz, Gymnastix Training Center Owner